Stringed Instruments
Born in Germany in 1963 into a family of engineers, Oliver Radke has always had a strong interest in how things work and what makes them tick. An active double bass player, Oliver studied engineering and graduated from the Mittenwald School of Violin Making in 1989. He spent his journeyman years with Pierre Chaubert in Fussen, Germany, specializing in restoration and repair of all stringed instruments. After his successful Masters exam in Hamburg in 1992 he spent several years working as an instrument restorer in workshops all over the world. Since 1999 Oliver has practiced the craft of violin restoration and building in Fussen, the cradle of stringed instrument making.

Incorporating his interest and training in engineering into his instrument work, Oliver, who is a member of the acoustical research group of the Catagut Acoustical Society, decided to focus on violin making with the goal of bringing to it a more scientific approach. Combining the traditional methods of violin making with the results of modern acoustical research, he has created instruments that have won several awards and are played by students in some of the most prestigious music schools and by professional musicians throughout the world. Oliver uses his knowledge of the static and dynamic acoustic functions of violin-family related instruments to produce new, concert-quality instruments, and to restore fine older instruments to their tonal best. He is a world-wide consultant for instrument makers and production workshops, and for his own instruments he carefully selects, cuts, and dries his own tonewood. Precision and esthetics based on a solid ideal make his instruments a sound investment for the future.

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