Stringed Instruments
Luigi Ercoli was born in Vignanello in the province of Viterbo on 27 April 1956. He became involved in violin-making as an autodidact, starting to construct a classical guitar in 1991 after moving from Bologna (where he graduated in Agricultural Science) to Pontepetri in the province of Pistoia with his wife Piera Ducceschi.

In Pistoia in 1992, he met Guido Maraviglia who encouraged him to take up the study and construction of stringed instruments. His association with Guido Maraviglia’s workshop would last from 1992 to 2000.

During this time, he made approximately 15 instruments including five guitars, completed a number of instruments started by the maestro, who was inactive for the final five years of his life, the last three violins in fact being signed by both of them.

The year 2000 signaled the beginning of a period of intense collaboration with Gabriele Natali which has continued to this day, and he also met Paolo Vettori of Florence, from whom he has received invaluable advice during these years.

He now concentrates almost exclusively on bowed instruments, using Maraviglia and Natali moulds as well as his own and inspired above all by the violin-making of Tuscany and Bologna. He uses woods typical of classic Italian violin-making and varnishes which are alcohol- and oil-based.

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