Stringed Instruments
Fabrizio di Pietrantonio was born in 1964 and attended the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. At a later date, he became involved in violin-making, and in 1990 became the pupil of Roberto Ignesti, with whom he recovered a substantial part of the models, moulds and tools belonging to the laboratory of Igino Sderci.

Thanks to this and to his apprenticeship with Sderci’s pupil, he followed the tradition started in Milan by the Bisiach and Igino Sderci.

Respecting the work of the old masters, he has created various models, including: Stradivari amatisé, Stradivari 1702 Conte De Fontana, Stradivari 1715-1732, A. Guarneri, G. Guarneri, G. Guarneri del Gesù, P. Guarneri di Mantova, G.B. Guadagnini, T. Balestrieri, Montagnana, and – after several important pieces of restoration work carried out on original instruments – Antonio Gragnani.

The varnish is alcohol- based according to an original recipe handed down by Bisiach, and is almost exclusively of a yellow-orange colour, sometimes tending towards a reddish-brown.

The purfling is often hand-made using a variety of woods: maple or ebony for the dark elements, maple, beech or hornbeam for the light ones. Di Pietrantonio constructs and restores violins, violas and violoncellos and has produced 42 instruments to date.

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