The name you can trust

In 1879, there was a proposition to build the best possible piano that could cater to all pianists. Jean-Claude Haefliger took over the Piano Factory - Burger & Jacobi, established in 1872. He re-established it alongside Hanna-Prach, Milan, and Miro Tauchmann in 1996, and since then it has been an international success. Wilhelm Tell is the name you can trust because we have been expanding and improvising for more than a hundred years. Therefore, we assure you a guarantee of ongoing consistency and quality.

The name Wilhelm Tell has been connected to pianos for a century now. We are proud to tell you that we have finally established a new and updated range of pianos through years of research and development with Swiss experts. Wilhelm Tell is made after the best piano making traditions, therefore, it does not disappoint. Owning a Wilhelm Tell upright piano is something you will be proud of.

Swiss Quality & Technology manufactured with Swiss Know-How.

Wilhelm Tell Pianos are of Swiss Quality & Technology, manufactured with Swiss