Since the creation of the first piano, this most classical of instruments has evolved by leaps and bounds to now incorporate different sizes and functions. The modern piano that we know is now divided into two different categories, namely the Grand Piano and the Upright Piano.

The upright piano is a term commonly used to refer to a piano whose strings are mounted vertically in a rectangular sounding board with the keys installed at a right angle to the board. Sometimes also referred to as ‘Vertical Pianos’, upright pianos are characterized by having a smaller and more compact frame due to the aforementioned verticality of the strings and frame.

In our experience, upright piano models are some of the more commonly purchased and seen pianos among Singapore customers due to their compact size and small frame.

Certain upright pianos combine the size and depth of a grand piano to be called an upright grand piano. This range of pianos incorporates both the characteristics of upright and grand pianos to become a hybrid version that tries to give the best of both worlds.

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