Corporate Responsibility
Gramercy Music believes in the importance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and we want to raise awareness towards music education across Singapore and influence the choices schools and parents make for their children in terms of extracurricular activities. We frequently donate instruments ranging from pianos to violins to selected orphanages and homes in Singapore as a part of our charity project.
We are establishing ourselves as a leader on spreading musical awareness to the public, even for those who are unable to afford the amenities of buying and instrument or having the access to music books, teachers, and etc… Many kids all over the world are unable to afford the amenities of buying an instrument or having access to music books, teachers, and etc. Without funds to even purchase an instrument, these kids will not even dare to dream of learning music. We think that music education shouldn’t be determined by financial factors. And as a music company, we definitely do not want it to only be accessible to wealthier kids who can afford to take up an instrument.
If you are a musician, you know how music actually shapes your understanding of the world and the positive therapeutic effects it can have on oneself. (The list of positive things music can do are endless!) Studies have shown that children who study music consistently perform better on tests and earn higher grades. Through music study, they learn vital like skills such as problem solving, self-discipline, frustration tolerance, creativity, empathy, compassion, and the value of hard work. Music can play an immense role on a child’s development if it is accessible to them. If you are in the music industry and want to help promote musical education to children in orphanages and homes, you can do so by
  • Volunteering your services as a music teacher and building up your charity involvement.
  • Sending in any old and used music books that you have no need for.
If you have other ideas and have no idea how or where to start, drop us an email at or call us at +65 6266 6707! We are more than happy to help you help promote music education and spread music awareness across Singapore!